About J.A. Solari & Partners

What makes us stand out?

Learning should continue beyond the classroom. It is our philosophy to continue to grow and develop as professionals to keep up with a changing economy.

We prosper in a challenge. As professionals, and a group of generally left-brained thinkers, we are driven to achieve measurable success for our clients. Our team works as a cohesive unit to develop strategic solutions to challenges. It is when the path forward is difficult to determine, that our team comes up with a plan that earns the most powerful results.

You will always have a partner at the table.

When you work with J.A. Solari & Partners you will have access to our specially tailored services and skills. But more importantly you will be working with an accounting team that understands your business goals and how to reach them. 

We prefer to measure our reputation by experience, not years.

Though our firm has been a long-standing presence in Northern Nevada, we know it is more important to our clients that we are a firm they can trust. Our reputation means everything to us and that is evident in the way we do business. 

Our formula for success is to focus on bringing added value to our clients. We know for many people accounting and finance can seem intimidating. That’s why we are here. Whether you need business guidance or help planning for a life-changing event, we have the expertise to bring quality results to your financial life. 

At Your Service

Of course, we handle the obvious, like accounting and assisting clients with their taxes. However we can help you with much more. Our firm has several areas of focus: real estate, aviation, manufacturing, family wealth and estate planning, and health care

Our team can also assist with business consulting and strategic planning. We work with non-profits and government entities, as well as personally and publicly owned middle-market businesses and high net-worth individual accounts. 

We want to help your business thrive, and be a partner in your success.