Meet the Partners

In accounting experience is everything. 

John A. Solari - Certified Public Accountant and Managing Partner

In his more than 25 years in the business, John Solari has earned a reputation for helping clients save money, plan for the future and build their business. Solari framed the cultural ideal of J.A. Solari & Partners and placed a large focus on thinking of the client’s needs. He believes the CPA’s on his team should try to think less like accountants, and more like the businesses they represent. 

As Managing Partner he actively participates in making critical decisions on clients’ behalf. His extensive experience spans the real estate, development and construction, health care, and manufacturing. John Solari is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Nevada Society of Certified Public Accountants

Amy Allen - Certified Public Accountant and Partner

Amy Allen brings more than 25 years of diverse accounting experience to the table. Her list of skills is overwhelming, but it is her special energy and dedication that drives her to achieve results for her clients time and time again. 

Allen specializes in manufacturing, professional services, the technology industry, local government and non-profit assurance. She also handles outsourcing tax department functions including tax provisions, tax management and compliance. Allen has much experience dealing with multi-state and foreign matters.

Allen holds a Master of Science degree in Taxation.