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Family Office


Keep it in the family

Wealthy families and family offices will find a comprehensive solution to their planning needs with our team of experts. We provide a range of services including planning, advisement, risk mitigation and compliance for affluent families. We specialize in family office structure, internal controls, operational reviews, risk assessment, investment consulting and family office tax planning and preparation.

We are experts on complex and ever-changing individual, corporate and estate tax laws. It is our job to protect you and your interests while you enjoy your family and the life you’ve worked so hard to build.

Coming in Hot

There’s a reason so many companies and individuals are relocating to Nevada. With tax incentives, no state income tax, and big incentives for manufacturing and corporations, it’s a smart move for many to consider. Not to mention our wide-open land, strategic location and booming economy.

At Solari & Partners, we know the ins and outs of relocation and residency, and how to make the most of your move to benefit your bottom line. Let our team of experts help you make your move.