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Taxation & Accounting

Make your move

Where you live matters. And so does where you work. When it comes to taxes, there’s a whole lot of strategy and thinking that must go into your state and local taxes (SALT). If you live in a different state from where you work, or you are planning to relocate yourself or your company, considering the tax implications, as well as possible benefits, is key.

Consideration of SALT is important to maximize cashflow and minimize business disruption. These taxes play a major role in a company’s cash flow, so having a strategy is key. The team at J.A. Solari & Partners is here to help you identify possible opportunities to minimize a tax obligation while also reducing the chances of penalties.

When it comes to relocation, consider us your residency experts. As more companies and individuals relocate to our home state of Nevada, our team is here to help you understand the benefits and tax rules associated with claiming a Nevada residency or business relocation. From evaluating your potential for state income tax savings to assisting in residency changes, J.A. Solari & Partners is here to help.

Let’s Get Going

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started,” – Mark Twain

This couldn’t be truer for entrepreneurs and small business owners with big dreams. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge and dive into what you’re dreaming, and the rest will follow. But, that doesn’t mean do it blindly. Let Solari & Partners guide you along the way with business advising from our seasoned professionals. From startups and entrepreneurs to sales, acquisitions and mergers, our team can identify the best course of action so you can keep dreaming about what’s to come.